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SPY Annual Returns

Signals Returns:

Great Retunes by Trading SPY

Annual compounded returns of the SPY trading signals based on investing in a simple ETF trading system.

The chart above presents the historical compounded annual returns of the S&P 500) Trading System when investing in the ETF for the S&P 500) index (SPY).

  • The compounded return represents the cumulative effect of a series of gains or losses on an initial amount of capital over a period of time.
  • The returns are based on the market open price. This means that each SPY trade order was given for execution at the market open price on the first trading day after a corresponding SPY signal had been generated.
  • Broker commissions, margins or taxes were excluded when calculating SPY signal returns.
  • Only one signal can be opened at a time. A new signal is not generated until the previous one has been closed.
  • The complete list of past SPY signals can be found on the "SPY Signals History" page.
  • The SPY trading system's annual margin compound returns can be found on the "SPY Returns" page.

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