If you have been looking for a new way to make some money on the stock market, it may be time to explore some options in exchange traded funds. Better known as ETFs, these investments represent tangible items, such as energy or precious metals. One such option is a copper ETF. Copper has become a valuable resource for things such as electrical wires and is very popular for making money. Even though the value of it is low compared to previous years, it’s still may be a good investment and financial plan to look into copper ETFs because as the economy grows and gains more strength, so will the value. That makes now the right time even more so.

As the economy gains strength once again, more structures will be built and that will stimulate the value of everything involved in these projects. Wires are needed to run electricity throughout, and that requires a good deal of copper. If you have invested in a copper ETF, you will make money when this sort of growth occurs. For instance, many of the world’s nations depend on the health of China’s economy. China has been able to preserve their economy more so than others and they are predicted to begin growing and expanding first. Thus, the copper value around the world will see the effects of this growth.

One of the best things about investing in a copper ETF is that the value doesn’t fluctuate as much as other metals, such as gold. Gold values depend on politics so much that it can be a roller coaster ride. Another aspect of copper is that it can be used in the liquid form, and that makes it even more attractive to invest in. ETFs are also tax efficient, and it’s easy to make money without having to pay out a chunk of taxes at the end of the year.